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A Better Tomorrow!

A Better Tomorrow!

Jan 25, 2023

Due to the COVID-19, life becomes difficult. It seems the epidemic changes the world quite a lot.

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China does a good job to fight the epidemic and save lives, but the problem is, as an exporting company, we are not able to freely meet with overseas customers and can't attend the fairs like before.  

Xiamen Muses technology best factory

Considering the situation becomes better and better, before the Spring Festival of Lunar New Year 2023, Chinese government gets ready for everything and decides to relax epidemic control.

xiamen muses technology sanitary ware bathroom

Now all the social activities in China are activated at once. Business travels, trade fairs, face to face meetings, every enterprise starts all the necessary activities. Our life and our business behavior returns to be normal.  

 muses manufacturer of faucets, showers and bidets

As a manufacturer, Muses has been focusing on the production of bathroom and kitchen products for over 14 years. Were always aiming at providing valued and preferred products, including bidets, shower heads, bar showers, shower systems, thermostatic mixers, basin mixers, shower mixers, bathtub mixers, instant water heaters. We have been keeping on sharing our customers with good designs and meeting our customers need in our endeavor.

With the relaxed policy of anti-pandemic regulations in China, we believe we can work more closely with our customers. Lets all pray for a better tomorrow!  

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