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A Brief Introuduction of Xiamen

A Brief Introuduction of Xiamen

Mar 22, 2023

Xiamen Muses Technology is a manufacturer of bathroom and kitchen products, mainly producing showers and faucets for more than 14 years since 2009.

It's located in Xiamen(another name Amoy), a very beautiful seaside city in southeastern China. It's a port city, a small but beautiful iland, beside the Taiwan strait.

xiamen city gulangyu

Xiamen has a major international seaport which is well-developed with big capacity, features one of the largest port in southest China.

The climate in Xiamen is like spring all the year round, combine with a long, hot and humid summer, and a short, mild and dry winter. The average tempreture in summer is 27.8 °C(35 °C at the hottest), average in winter is 15 °C(13 °C at the coldest) and the anual average is about 21.2°C. Most of the time, Xiamen has bright sunshine, but with plenty of rains. Frost occurs rarely and almost no snowfall all the year.   

Xiamen places of interests

There're many kinds of transportation in Xiamen for people's daily life. Buses, bus rapid transit, subway, railway, green cycle-way, through land, bridge, tunnel or sea, forms well-connected and easy accessible transport links. 

Xiamen University images

Xiamen and its surrounding countryside is well know for its scenery and tree line beaches. There're famous places of interests e.g. Gulangyu Island(Piano Island), Sunlight rock, Yundang Lake, Hulishan Portress, Zengcuoan,  attracts domestic and world-wide visitors. 

xiamen muses technology co., ltd.

That's a rough introduction of our city Xiamen. We sincerely welcome you to pay a visit to our company and we will show you around Xiamen!


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